Near the pool, Edmus on the rocks

juillet 2017

Grilling meats and fish in the summer are a great American tradition. Too frequently, however, it is associated as being paired with beer rather than wine. And while craft beers in the United States continue to improve and offer refreshment on hot summer days so too can a bottle of Edmus or other fine wines.

We recently sampled Château Edmus 2011 and 2012 vintages with a variety of grilled proteins including steak, chicken, and fish. While all were enjoyable, the surprise was how well a slightly chilled (about thirty minutes) bottle of Edmus in a refrigerator at 45 degrees Farenheit (served at about 10 degrees Celsius) accompanied a nicely grilled strong fish such as this Sea Bass shown in the picture, caught off the coast of the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

So, may be let’s not go as far as adding ice cubes in a fine wine but the lesson, of course, is that experimentation with food and wine is half of the fun. Each of us has our own taste sensibilities. Try some Edmus with a sturdy fish for a great summer experience !

Philip Edmundson Propriétaire