Harvesting may only be one link in the chain, but what an important one it is: between the long and patient work on the vines and the equally patient work in the cellar. Frédéric Massie, member of the Stéphane Derenoncourt team.

Although it is only one step in a long process, the harvest requires that no minute detail goes overlooked. The first requisite of a good wine is a healthy, ripe grape. Grapes from different parts of the estate are regularly tasted to determine the optimal date of harvest. These grapes are then sent to the lab for a biological analysis, to ensure the results of the initial test.

Every harvest is carried out by hand. First, a primary sort is conducted in the fields. Harvesters pick through every vine and very carefully select only the healthiest and ripest of bunches.

Upon arrival at the chai (cellar), grapes are drained and de-stemmed. They then undergo a second selection using a vibrating sorting table overseen by our attentive team of professionals. Lastly, grapes are transported to the vat to ferment.