We practice plot selection, in which grapes coming from different parcels on the land are kept in different vats. Only the best grapes from the best plots are kept to go into Château Edmus.

The alcohol ferments in concrete vats for about five weeks. To allow for a better concentration of wine, some of the juice from the grapes is drained so that the remaining juice benefits from more skins and tannins in the extraction phase. After the first phase of fermentation, the wine is extracted using a pump and release method. Malolactic fermentation continues in part in new French oak barrels. Sixty percent of our barrels are new and forty percent are one to two years old. During the next 14 to 16 months, the wood of the barrels allows oxygen to flow in and out, softening the tannins of the wine.

Throughout the different stages of vinification the maître de chai (cellar master) confirms his observations with biological analyses carried out by the laboratory of Arnaud Chambolle, enological consultant to Château Edmus.