Château Edmus Social Club

April 2019

To produce a great wine of Saint-Emilion while paying due care to our ecosystem, such has been the objective we followed since the acquisition of our land back in 2007.

When the College Culinaire de France awarded us the label « Producteur Artisan de Qualité » in November 2016, it was a source of great pride coming from a respected institution whose mission is to represent and transmit the French culinary heritage . In addition to being mindful to environmental issues, the College is also attentive to such values as sharing, transmission and solidarity.

Two associations for which solidarity is their « raison d’être » have given us an opportunity to modestly contribute to their actions. In this column, I want to recognize their merit.

The Relais-Pantin

Located in the center of Pantin, a suburban city in the north of Paris, a stone throw away from the L’Ourcq canal, Relais Pantin is not only a pleasant restaurant by also a social and occupational integration association. It hires young people in social and academic difficulty, trains them to the various jobs in restaurants, as cooks or waiters, and for those showing skills and motivation, provide recommandations to more traditional restaurants always in need of trained workforce. In its 25 years of existence, Relais Pantin has thus hired 1000 employees and provided professional experience to close to 5000 trainees.

With the objective to present a wine list in line with the inventive cuisine served by the restaurant, one of the organizers, who had known and appreciated Château Edmus in his previous job, asked us whether we would accept to make available some cases at preferential terms. We were happy to oblige considering the modest effort requested from us in comparison to the ultimate purpose of the institution. We are pleased to now have our wine available at Relais Pantin.

Solidarité Shangaï

Behing the idealized vision of a project of expatriation, the very existence of Solidarité Shanghaï is a reminder that one can find himself or herself in situations of material or psychological distress, especially in the impersonal context of a megalopolis.

Solidarité Shanghaï was formed at the initiative of the General Consul of France to assist French nationals living in Shanghaï or its surroundings and encountering temporary or longer lasting difficulties.

With Marie-Hélène Hirtz-Martin at its head, the association celebrates its 10 years of existence on April 18, 2019. Next to other businesses, our Chinese importer, is a partner to the event and has taken the happy initiative to make available for the party a bottle of each of Château Edmus vintages currently distributed the Chinese market.

Again, these few lines are a way for me to highlight the purpose and usefulness of these organizations and the dedication of its active members.

Eric Remus Owner