Château Edmus : Passing the baton

October 2019

This message, our first since last summer, gives me the opportunity to announce a very significant piece of news in Château Edmus short history. On October 25th, the ownership of the vineyard has changed. The adventure will continue under the leadership of Laurent DAVID who, after a successful career in the high technology field, has decided to add a new line to his CV, which at the same time will open a new chapter for Château Edmus.

Laurent DAVID was born in Bergerac, the capital of a wine producing region, a short distance away from Bordeaux. «Until I was eighteen, I regularly joined in the harvest. I had promised myself I would one day come back to pick up my own grapes. I will continue the work started by Phil Edmundson and Eric Remus, finalize the conversion to organic farming, build a chai and amplify some investments such as the densification of the plantation, a condition to further improve the quality while maintaining and possibly increasing the quantities the vineyard can produce ».

For Eric Remus : «Phil Edmundson and I take great pride for having founded Château Edmus, for having positionned it, with the help of our winemaker Stephane Derenoncourt, in the world of fine wines, for having attracted top restaurants to add it to their wine list in cities such as Paris, Boston, New York, Tokyo, Shanghaï, Istanbul, Helsinki, Sofia, to name just a few, and now to pass the baton to a man of experience, Laurent DAVID, as passionate by wine as we are and as were the stimulating characters we have met in the course of our 13 years of experience in the winetrade. I wish Laurent all the best and Château Edmus a long life ».

« Château Edmus » Laurent DAVID explains «  is the foundation stone of a larger project where investors with a passion for wine, I name them Wine Angels, will be able to live an entrepreneurial adventure in the business of fine wines. They will be ambassadors of the vineyard and help me promote Château Edmus and, I hope, later the wines from other top appellations ».

Laurent DAVID Owner